about me

elena fortune is a 23 year old illustrator, fashion designer, and friend. they graduated from parsons school of design with a BFA in fashion design in 2022. they’ve been designing clothing since they were 8, and opened their online shop at age 15!

as well as being the founder, head of operations and main manufacturer of all FORTUNE goods, elena fortune is also the overseer of artistic endeavours and gallery curation at open pit, as well as splice’s moment pack series

commissions are open, for anything from social media icons to album covers to full couture garments and ensembles. they love you very much.


starting in 2019 and working continuously, elena wrote a manifesto titled love and excellence: the plight and duties of mankind, specifically that of the artist, to spread love and nonsense! you can read it here



oriana zwerdling, oz & co orianazwerdling@gmail.com contact for business inqueries


elenafortunes@gmail.com twitter.com/elenafortunee instagram.com/elenafortunes
contact for  commissions 

photo by ben zazzara!