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more random links:

create.swf walfas touhou scene maker 

walfas touhou maker thing called “create.swf” . i used to play this a lot as a kid online before i really knew what touhou or anything was, i just really loved dress up games etc.. and the style of this one really captured me! its not available in flashplayer in browser anymore, but i found this site that lets you download it and run it with a flash player desktop client- yay! made by KirbyM, RSGMaker and TheFre

great resource for blinkies and making your own

where i get  most of my web sprites and pixel graphics, if not from tumblr blogs that have picked out sprites from

88x3 gif collection

collection of geocities/neocities old web buttons for webpage links/webrings 


keyword searchable version of the 88x31 button gallery + more gifs

japanese pixel graphics resource site, tons of great resources from a side of the web that doesn’t circulate as often in our daily browsing so you can find some really cool and unique stuff in here! 

christopher johnson’s ascii art collection

really cool collection of ascii art. havent done too much digging here myself but its fascinating