pounded: a lookbook

link: https://indd.adobe.com/view/d61b92ea-9f37-4fc8-955f-dff231b64151


   as a companion to my fashion collection based off of the homoeroticsm in fight club, i created this lookbook titled ‘pounded’. i was inspired by this quote from chuck palahniuk, author of fight club:

“one reviewer called the book science fiction. another called it a satire on the ‘iron john’ mens movement. another called it a satire of corporate white collar culture. some called it horror. no one called it a romance.”

i wanted to recontextualize the two main characters of fight club into a sensual, romantic setting. this resulted in the homoerotic lookbook: pounded.

this lookbook was created as part of my final project for my first year ‘int. studio: fashion’ class at parsons school of design.